Jörn Wessel is a painter, illustrator and studied designer.

After his path took him to Sweden, Austria, and Italy, he now lives and works in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany.

From his early childhood he is surrounded by color, his father being a locally renown painter, Erich Wessel. The lively impressions and creative inspiration that his surroundings provide lead him to fill his first canvas at age seven: an oil-painting entitled still life with orange.

Throughout his childhood and youth, Jörn has long and meaningful talks with his father about  artistic composition, the mixing of colors, different techniques, and how to apply them.

During this time he profits enormously from his fathers vast knowledge about art history, in particular about the evolution of techniques.

Once he finishes high school he takes up an apprenticeship as a window dresser. On a trip to Sweden he falls in love with the country and decides to stay, working in his profession at the department store Ålen&Holm. From there he moves to Berlin, Germany to study design and fine art at what is today known as the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK).

After completing his degree he designs, for clients such as Nestlé, Knorr-Maizena, Dextro Energy, Vereinigte Papierwerke and Zonin.

It is his work for Zonin in Italy that rekindles his interest on painting when the winery hires him to paint their various vineyards.

Later he moves to Austria for work, where he spends more time painting, and begins exhibiting his works. When he returns to Hamburg permanently, he decides to leave design behind in order to fully immerse himself in his art.

His works contain scenes from Hamburg, London, Austria, Italy, France, and Denmark. His most recent work however is of New York City - the architecture, vibrancy, and liveliness of which have him mesmerized completely.

For more information on his work and sale prices, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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